From their earliest days in Scotland, emmigration to Australia
in the barque "James Moran", Till the present day
French Barque 'Le Voilier" similar to "James Moran"
c1550 - 2006
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Alexander & Barbara Mackay 1839
Angus & Christina Mackay
Angus Mackay
hero of Waterloo
Alexander Mackay & Martha Parkins
Graves of John & Johanna Mackay
John & Johanna Mackay married 1860
Margaret Mackay
Margaret (Ross) & Donald Mackay
Mary Mackay, kidnapped & kept in Scotland
William Mackay Drowned on the "Rosedale"
William & Elizabeth Cook
William Cook born at Glenrock
George Alexander Mackay
& Elvie Elizabeth Cook
Mackay Sisters, can you name them?
Elizabeth & Willam Mackay Of Cogo Rolland Plains
Martha Elizabeth Mackay (Fawcett) 2nd from right.Can you name the rest?
If you are able to identify any of the unknowns, or if I have wrongly labelled the pictures, or if you can add more information, please contct me
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