French Barque 'Le Voilier" similar to "James Moran"
c1750 - 2006
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From their earliest days in Scotland, emigration to Australia
in the barque "James Moran", Till the present day
  Donald Mackay’s first wife, died in childbirth.  It was 29th January 1795 and the child’s name was Angus. War with Ireland had been declared and Donald, a widower with a young son, had already enlisted.  He had to find a mother for the boy and this he did.  Donald married Janet MacLeod of Lettermore, 12 days after the death of his wife.

   Janet reared Angus as her own while Donald, who had joined the Reay Fencibles, fought with great valour at the Battles of Tara Hill and Balim-muck, and was away for four years.

   Donald returned home in 1799, it was not long before he started his new family.

Donald’s son - now Angus Snr. was just twenty years old and married to Jane Clark when he was a drummer at Waterloo (1815).
From the Register of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen Scotland: Angus McKay of the 78th Regiment-of-Foot and Jane Clark in Aberdeen, daughter of Henry Clark, house servant in Middlesex, in the presence of Sergeant - McKay and Donald Fraser, both in the same Regiment”.
In those days it was the custom for wives to travel with their husbands, thus, Jane went to Waterloo with Angus Snr.
The actual Battle Field at Waterloo, in Belgium, is preserved.  So many soldiers died there. The Battle Field may not be farmed or tilled in any way - and has been left, just as it was after the battle storm had passed.

  Later, whilst stationed in Brussels  their son, Angus Jr. B1 was born  at Ostend  on 4.12.1816.  He was baptised by the Chaplain to the Forces at Ostend on 11/2/1817 

Other children came along. Elizabeth B2 b. 1818 in Westmeath, Ireland, and Margaret  B3 b. 1820.   Then another daughter, Helen Calder Mackay, B4 baptised in 1822 -  but as she did not emigrate to Australia in 1838, it was assumed Helen died - then, sadly, Jane died sometime between 1823-1825.

When Angus Snr died in1894, it was stated that Jane gave him five children.  If there was a fifth child, B5 name unknown,  probably died, perhaps in infancy.

Angus Jr. B1 is the Code B1 in the Mackay book, came to Australia on the James Moran
Records show that he arrived in Sydney on 1.12.1839.  Angus Jnr married 18 year old Jane McMillan b. 1928 Scotland  - Arrived in Australia 9/4/1938 on the Minerva- m.  on 1.3.1845 at the house of her father in Dungog.

Jane and Angus Jr. had ten children…seven of which were  born at Hatfield Park, Williams River, Dungog. B11 Angus b. 25.2.1846 B12 Jane b.5.2.1848. B13 Martha b. 6.11.1849 B14 Jessie Ellen b. 3.11.1851. B15 Alexander b. 8.10.1853. B16 Robert b. 27.11.1855. B17 Margaret (Maggie) b. 12.5.1858. B18 Hugh 11.12.1862.
B19 Elizabeth b. 30.12.1865. B1Z Henry (Harry) was the 10th  and youngest  child of Jane and Angus Jr. b. posthumously on 25.5.1869 - Angus Jr died 22.5.1869 thus, he never saw his 10th child.

This Angus Jnr and Jane McMillan marriage started an entirely different line of the Mackays…different to that of his father, Angus Snr, who is our line.

    Angus Snr. returned to Aberdeen where he met and later married Christina Mackay.  They were married in St. Nicholas’ Church, the very same church where he had married Jane Clark. About 1825/26.

   About 1831, the family moved to Farr; later they moved to Strathy Point, to Clare and Armadale.  Farr and the Kyle of Tongue are only around the coastal corner from each other and, when word arrived about joining a Farmers’ Scheme for New South Wales, put forward by the Governor of the Colony, Lachlan Macquarie, Angus took advantage of the enterprise.

   He lowered his age to the acceptable limit of 40 years (so it is said?) was accepted and immigrated with his family to Australia on the SS James Moran , arriving in 1839.

  Of factual necessity, the Australian Mackay history starts in Scotland. The recurrence of identical Christian names can confound the reader who is not familiar with the Mackay clan.  Further, the marriage of a Mackay to a Mackay, perpetuated a mixture of identical naming taken from parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters, thus making the tracing of  the family line and exacting task.

Sometimes birth dates and Baptism dates conflict.  Again - we have verbal/memory/actual conflict in information which has to be sorted to gain correct information.

Here we start with the line already mentioned - Donald Mackay - the widower left with a young son, Angus, and his second marriage on 10.2.1795 to Janet MacLeod
There five children of this marriage, and included is the 6th and eldest son Angus.

*1. Angus Bb.29.1.1795  Scotland        d.7.10.1894 Death Reg 1766  NSW
m. Christina Mackay                                d. 9.12.1895  Death Reg.12985  NSW

2. Elizabeth  (Betsy)   b. 1800  Scotland.  d. 21.9.1862Death Reg 5620  NSW
m.1826 William Mackay  of Durness. d. 17.4.1876 Death Reg 1288 (289? 1289?)
They left Durness in Scotland on the SS Winifred arriving on 1.11.1856. There were seven children. It was said that the Winifred carried the cannons to fortify Sydney during the “Russian Scare”

Mary (Mollie) C1 b. 1830 Scotland - came to Australia but never married.

Donald  C2  b.1832 Scotland- d. Gladstone Qld Jan 1917  m. 5.1.1858 Margaret Ross.  Donald died after being an invalid for years. He had a broken thigh, being run over by a horse and buggy in 1912. They had seven children. William, John, Robert, Donald, Christina, Elizabeth and Mary.

Mitchell  Scobie C3  b 1834 Scotland-  d.31.10.1916  m.15.12.1864 Jane MacGregor of Maitland b. 14.6.1842/3 The had 10 children. Duncan, William, Elizabeth,John, George, Isabella, Mary, Mitchell, Alexander and Catherine.

Alexander.C5 b 1836  Scotland  d. 1911 - killed by a falling tree.  It was said he was a dour person and never married. Alexander and William may have been twins as the dates of birth match.  However - death years are the same too.

William  C4 b. 1836 Scotland.  Never married d. 1911 aged 71 years.

Johanna. C6 .  b. 1841. Scotland d. 3.4.1912 . m. 4.10.1860   cousin John Mackay d. 16.4.1894 son of Alexander and Barbara Mackay  she died eight months after the Rosedale tragedy.

John  Scobie C7 b.1844 Scotland. d. 21.2.1911. He never married.

Note: from the above you will see that three brothers died in 1911.  Unusual, unless the reports were incorrect at the time. 

3. Robert  D       b. 1802          Scotland  d.(?) probably never married.  He apparently stayed in Scotland when the family immigrated.

4. George E       b. 1803  Scotland  d. about 1851  married Neilla MacIntosh. There were eight children of this family; five boys and three girls. Janet, Betty, Marion, Donald, Alexander, Daniel, Angus** and Robert.
This **Angus married Hughina Mackay.  Angus was a native of Tongue and is buried at Rogart. They had nine children,: Nellie, Donald, Robert, Daniel and Angus (twins) Georgina, David, Alice and Isabella.

5. Alexander  F  b. Feb.1810   Scotland  d.  5.2.1884  married Barbara Mackay
b 5.10.1812  of Talmine, Melness, the daughter of John Mackay and Margaret Sutherland of Tongue on  3.2.1837.  They emigrated to Australia  sailing from Lochinvar on the James Moran in 1838 arriving on 11.2.1839.

6. Mary Anne G  b. 1814/15  Scotland  d. 1892 . She too came to Australia in 1838 on the James Moran m. William Rouse. She lived in Kilmore, Victoria .  There was no family. Extensive searches do not confirm her marriage or status.

*Angus  who married secondly - Christina Mackay.  She was born in Aberdeen on 17.3.1802 the daughter of Alexander Mackay and Jessie Mackay.  She died in Bowraville on 8.12.1895

Their children were.

Donald    b. 1829 in Scotland. d.22.11. 1912.  Married Jane Walker in 1851 at Dungog NSW

Mary             b. 1820 in Scotland.  Kidnapped before the SS James Moran sailed.  She married Alec Munro of Wick - there was no family.

Hugh MacKenzie - . b.1833 in Scotland. Married Janet Matheson on 24.5.1857, there were nine children Arrived in Australia with his parents on the SS Winifred from Lochinvar in 1839. (Kerryn Louise Scholler  nee Daley family line)

James          b.  4.7.1837 at Armadale, Scotland. d. 6.6.1918 . Married Elizabeth Grace of Kemspey in 1876.

William       baptised 8.6.1838 Sutherlandshire, Scotland. on arrival in Sydney with his parents on the James Moran, on 11.2.1839 he was recorded aged 18 months.  It is probably he died between 1839 and 1841.

Jane BX        b. 26.3.1840 baptised 12.4.1840  Dungog NSW d. 10.12.1931  
Married William Gaddes b. ca 1832 d. 12.4.1902  m. at Dungog on 1.7.1856.

This is the Jane who reared , in all, children of five families including the destitute and motherless children from the Rosedale tragedy

Robert BW   b. 1842.  Dungog.  NSW   d. 16.8.1825  Married  1st  to Mary Jane Grace - 2nd  to Sarah Raymond.

Duncan Forbes  BV b. 30.3.1845 Dungog. NSW   d. 7.12.1883  Never Married.    

Note: At this point - I believe the following is  Kerryn (Daley)Scholler’s Family tree.   Reference Source is the Mackay McKay Book.

Hugh MacKenzie - b. 1833  Scotland. d. Wauchope 17.3.1912
Married Janet Matheson on 24.5.1857,
St. Joseph's Church, East Maitland. there were nine children  Hugh arrived in Australia with his parents on the SS Winifred from Lochinvar in 1839.
Janet Matheson, the daughter of Alexander and Mary Matheson (nee Kennedy). She was born at Inverness, Scotland in 1835 and came to Australia with her parents on the ship Asia arriving in 1839. Janet died 4.11.1912 - the same year as Hugh.

They had 11 children
#1. Angus, - Angus is the B91 of the Mackay History.
2. Alexander
3. Christina
4. James
5. Mary Kennedy
6. John
7. Robert
8. William
9. Duncan Forbes
10.Hugh MacKenzie

#Angus was born on 15/12/1857 at Glen Esk, Rollands Plains NSW, he was the first born of Hugh McKenzie Mackay and Janet (Matheson)Mackay.

Angus married twice (1) Jane Tyrie, the daughter of Peter Wood Tyrie and Sarah Bell of Landsowne, on 26.1.1884 at St. Mathews Church, Wingham.   They lived at Moretons Creek where Angus worked in the timber industry and also as a teamster.

Jane died on 16/12/1902 and was buried at Beechwood.  She left behind 9 children
ranging down from 19 years to 9 months.

After Jane died, Angus traveled further north where he married his second wife, (2)Mary Stevenson.  For a time he worked in areas from Bowraville to Coff's Harbour, before eventually residing in Gympie - where Angus and Mary reared their seven children.

Angus died on 4.8.1929 at Gympie and is buried in the old Gympie Cemetery.

After Angus’ death, Mary married his cousin (B91Z of the book) Robert Mackay, a widower.
Mary died on 29.5.1958 and was also buried in the old Gympie Cemetery.

Here,  we get McKay and Mackay - the spelling does not differentiate the families…
Our mother was Mackay and her brother, McKay! 
Also we have established the Queensland Connection as - with most of the Mackay clan, they were established on the North  Coast of NSW.

Check Mackay book starting at page 277 - 278 - 279 and move forward…look for Letter and matching numbers

Angus had a total of 16 children.

b 2.12.1883 B911 d. 31.5.1967 m. Hetty Dawson b. 1922  d. 4.7.1958
Three children 
Hetty Isabella Jane (Belle) Ashley  m. Darcy C. Powell
Majorie May Beth b. 1926  m. Mervyn Little 1946 
Olive Hilda Sara McKay b. 1928 m. Arthur Edward Smith

2.Augustus (Gus) McKay b. 13.4.1885 B912 m. Catherine (Kate) Hamilton 18/4/1904
Gus died on 18.8.1958, Kate died on 11.4.1968.  Both buried in Catholic Cemetery Coff's Harbour.  They had 8 children, Horace, Cyril, Agnes, Olga, Harold, Hector, Margaret and Roy
Walda’s Note:  I believe this to be Aunty Gus (Kate), she lived across the road from us in Grafton Street .  She was on the Sunnyside Hospital side of  Grafton Street

  b. 31.1.1887 d. (?)B913 one known child, William  (Bill)

4.Hugh Mackenzie  
b. 10.4.1889 B914  d. 26.12.1959 m. Ettie Corfe who died within days of Hugh in and accident on the night of Hugh’s funeral.

5.Sarah Jane b. 10.3.1892 B915 d. 8.7.1935  m. Henry (Joe) Stone.

6.Majorie    b. 7.12.1893 B916  d. 7.6.1976 .m. Alan Clayton Moore.

7.John George   b
.23.4.1897 B917 Killed by falling timber13.1.1906

8.Agnes Isobella,
b, 18.9.1899  B918  d. 10.5.1987 m. William James Morgan.

9.Duncan Forbes  
b. 29.4.1901 B919 d.29.5.1985. m. Florence Sarah Roberts.

10.Alexander Stevenson b.25.6.1906  B91Z d. 6.10.1968

11.***Jessie Gaddes b. c.1907    d. Cairns(?) B91Y   m.   15.6.1927-  Raymond Norman Seeney. (photo of her page 302 of Mackay book)
12.Margaret Taylor B91X b 15.9.1909  d.1990 m. Arch Newberry d.4.8.1970
13.Doris Irene B91W  b. 24.12.1911 d.13.6.1979 Moura Qld. M. Ernest Mayfield.
14.Florence McDonald B91V  b.25.6.1914   d.31.7.1983 m. Charles Samuel Hay
15.Robert Neil B91U  b. 1.8.1917 d. June 1977 m. Margaret Ann Strong (Rogers)
16.Jane Angusena B91T  b.14.1.1920 m David John Brian Leigh

***Jessie Gaddes Mackay  was 11th child of Angus Mackay and 2nd child of his 2nd wife, Jessie

Jessie Gaddes Mackay married  15th June, 1927, Raymond Norman Seeney at Gympie

Jessie and Raymond had three children.

Laura  B91Y1 b 1926 m.  Pat Maguire (children: Beverly B9111, Michael B91Y12, Carmel  Ann B91Y13)

Raymond, B91Y2 deceased(?)

Yvonne Mackay B91Y3 b.1929 Lismore NSW ( still alive 2006) married
Roy Freeman. 

Yvonne and Roy had nine children

Robert Ronald, B91Y31 Merilyn Kay, B91Y32 James Arthur, B91Y33 David Jon, B91Y34 Yvonne Carol, B01Y35 Roy William, B91Y36
Peter Bruce, B91Y37 Colin Francis, B91Y38 Raelene Joy  B91Y39

Merilyn Kay B91Y32…b. 1950 m. Daryl Russell Daley

B91Y32 1
Paul Anthony b. 1972
B91Y32 2 Kerryn Louise b. 1974#
B91Y32 3 Michele Kay b. 1978

#Kerryn Louise B91Y322 b.1974 
m.   14.3.1998 Adam Eric Scholler C615131  b. 1972 Sydney


Deklan Matthew b. 2001 Rockhampton  Qld
Alexis Louise     b. 2003      Rockhampton Qld

Hugh Mackenzie Mackay  B9  b. c 1834 Sutherlandshire, Scotland.
Married Janet Matheson
    B9 b. 1835 Inverness, Scotland.

Hugh McKenzie Mackay was born about 1834 in Sutherlandshire, Scotland and arrive in Australia with his parents Angus and Christina Mackay on the ship James Moran from Lochinvar in 1839

Hugh Married Janet Matheson, the daughter of Alexander and Mary Matheson (nee Kennedy) on 25.2.1857 at St. Joseph's Church, East Maitland. (NSW).  Janet was born at Inverness in Scotland in 1835 and came out with her parents on the ship Asia which arrived in Australia in 1839.

It was thought Hugh and Janet traveled north with Alexander and Barbara Mackay, as their first child was born at Glen Esk, Rollands Plains (NSW) in 1857.  From there, they moved to Fraser's Creek in the Wauchope District where Hugh had a property, and they resided there for the remainder of their lives.  Hugh also worked as a teamster as did most of his sons.

Hugh died on 17.3.1912 and was buried at the Crossroads Cemetery at Wauchope.  Janet died the same year on 4.11.1912 and was buried at Beechwood.

They had 11 children,
Angus, Alexander, Christina, James, Mary Kennedy, Robert, William, Duncan Forbes, Hugh McKenzie and Archibald.

B91 Angus Mackay born on 15.12.1857 at Glen Esk, Rollands Plains NSW, was the firs born child of Hugh McKenzie and Janet Mackay
Her married twice
(1) Jane Tyrie (the daughter of Peter Wood Tyre and Sarah Bell, of Lansdowne) on 26.1.1884 at St. Matthews Church, Wingham. After their marriage, they lived at Morton's Creek where Angus worked in the timber industry and also as a teamster.
Jane died on 16.12.1902 and was buried at Beechwood. She left behind her 9 children, ranging in ages from 19 years to 19 months, some of who were cared for by their Grandmother, Janet Mackay while others went to live with their Aunts.

After the death of Jane, Angus traveled further north, where he married his second wife, Mary Stevenson.  For a time he worked in areas from Bowraville to Coff's Harbour, before eventually residing in Gympie where Angus and Mary reared their 7 children.

Angus died on 4.8.1929 at Gympie and was buried in the Old Gympie Cemetery.
After Angus’ death, Mary married his cousin (B7Z) Robert Mackay (widower).
Mary died on 29.5.1958 and was buried in the old Gympie Cemetery

Note; Angus spelt his name Mackay, and its variation was found written in his Bible but all of his first family spelt their surname McKay

Angus had a total of 16 children, of whom Jessie Gaddes Mackay was the 11th child.
Angus Mackay