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The Wiss Family History

I write to Julie Grist, a distant Cousin living in the UK. Her family tree is descended from Robert Wiss (1799) & Ann Drummond. Robert was the brother of the first Louisa Philipine (1797 ) who was named for an Aunt, Renee Philipine, b. 3 Sept 1772 and is the first time the name Philipine is used in the Wiss Family history to hand. The name Philipine could probably be a feminine derivitive of Philip. The common name clincher was Philipine. Our Great Grandmother was Louisa Annie Philipine Wiss (b.1855) who married Frederick
Robert Diacono in 1876. I have also been in touch with Kay and John Wiss in England. They have twin sons, and by the sorry state of the Family Tree, they appear to be the few to carry on the Wiss family name. . The original family Wiss were based in Geneva, Switzerland. However, Julie found evidence from Peter Isaac's Will (Matthew's Uncle) that he emigrated in 1797, presumably to England with his son and nephew. Once settled in England – the first names were Anglicised. Wiss Family information taken from details supplied by Julie Grist, Thomas Baker – and Kay and John Wiss - Wiss descendants living in the UK - and from Walda's research through The National Archives (TNA) in England. Sources include Birth, Death and Marriage certificates but, in the main, Archived records of Census material and Registrations of BDMs. Acquisition of the actual Certificates as quoted by Vol, folio and/or page Numbers, are too costly to purchase.

The best source for information, thus far has been and Family - both via the internet. Follow ups were done via Internet Forums and The National Archives (TNA) in the UK - The TNA is also on the Internet. There is a common thread with the Wiss Family living area. (1) St. Botolph, Bishopgate and (2) St Martin in the Fields.

THE WISS FAMILY STARTED IN SWITZERLAND George Grosjean married Aimee Francoise Lombard c. 1725 They had ten Children: 1. Daniel Grosjean b. 10 Feb. 1726 2. Gedeon Grosjean b. 26 Jan 1727 3. Francois Jean Grosjean b. 28 Dec 1727 4. Michel Grosjean b. 29 Dec 1728 5. Jean Grosjean b. 26 Feb 1730 6. Jeanne Marie Grosjean b. 7 Oct 1731 7. Susanne Marie Grosjean b. 7 Feb 1733 8. Louise Grosjean b. 30 April 1734 married Pierre (Peter) Isaac Wiss 26 Aug 1759 9. Francois Grosjean b. 31 May 1735 10. Dorethea Grosjean b. 17 Dec 1736 Abraham Richard married Jeanne Girard of Geneva, Switzerland c. 1729-30 They had six Children: 1. Sara Elizabeth Richard b. 11 June 1730 2. Renee Richard b. 9 July 1731 3. Louis Frances Richard b. 22 Aug 1733 4 .Louisa Marie Elizabeth Richard b. 1734 - married Jacob Wiss on 3 May 1762 5. Pierre Francis Richard b. 19 March 1736 6. Jeannie Judith Richard b. 19 Aug 1737 Antoine Wiss married Jeanne Aimee ca 1727-28 The had five Children: 1. Pierre (Peter) Isaac Wiss b. 13 May 1728 – married Louise Grosjean on 26th Aug 1759 daughter of George Grosjean and Aimee Francois Lombard. 2. Jean Benedict Wiss b. 26 May 1729 3. Bartholomi Wiss b. 21 July 1730 4. Jaques (James) Wiss b. 26 March 1734 married Anne Judith Godfroy in 1767 – there is no known back-up history for Godfroy. 5. Jacob Wiss b. 15 Sept 1736 married Louisa Marie Elizabeth Richard, on 3rd May 1762 the daughter of Abraham Richard and Jeanne Girard, Curious Note: Jaques Wiss became James Wiss. His Last Will and Testament is dated 19th October 1815. He was residing in Hafford, St Margaret Westminster in the County of Middlesex... He appointed Mary Ann, daughter of Richard and Mary (Rawlins?) and a Mr. Robert Thorpe as Executors of his Will. In 1815 he was 81 years old…however, he and Ann Judith Godfrey (Godfroy) had a son, Jacques (James)Wiss b. 10 July 1857.

The original James mentions his son, James,so the Will is attributed to the right James Wiss. He mentions also, a daughter, Anne and a Louisa Wilson and Judith Wiss. These are "in" family names that need research. The Names Richard and Mary Rawlins are in the Will This is where the Sinclair/McDonald names fit in: Robert Sinclair b. 1742 married Janet McDonald b 1746 in Scotland in February 1767 ( Renfrew – Renfrewshire). They had three Children: 1. Janet Alexia Sinclair b. 1 Nov 1767 married Matthieu (Matthew) Wiss on 22 Oct 1799 the son of Louisa Marie Elizabeth Richard and Jacob Wiss 2. Janet Sinclair b. 26 Sept 1773 married Jean ( John Anthony) Antoinne Wiss 22 Oct 1799, the son of Pierre (Peter) Isaac Wiss and Louise Grosjean 3. Euphemia Sinclair b. 1776 married James Thomson on 16 May 1808 Sinclair sisters married Wiss cousins on the same day in the same church. Pierre (Peter) Isaac Wiss b. 15 May 1728 m. Louise Grosjean on 16th August 1759 They had four Children: 1.Aimee Georgette Wiss b. 30 Aug 1762 2.Jean Antoine Wiss b. 30 Oct 1764 (Geneva) d. Jun 1855 London 3.Aimee Iralline Wiss 30 Aug 1766 4.Susan Cernette Wiss b. 28 May 1770 Jean Antoine Wiss b. 1764 married Janet Sinclair b. 26 Sept 1773 on 22 Oct. 1799 English records refer to them as John and Janet Wiss. They had three children. (a)Mary Louisa Wiss b. 1797 (b)Philip Wiss (c)Janet McDonald Wiss christ. 6th Sept 1799 at St Lawrence Poutney, London Philip Wiss m. Helen ? they had a son, JacobWiss b. 18th April 1818 Philip Wiss married secondly Dorothey Margaret Clark They had five Children (i) Algenon Philip Wiss b. 1836 (ii) Pauline Augusta Margaret Wiss b. 1829 (iii ) Horatio Congruia Wiss b. 1830 married Mary (? ) (iv) Horatio Congruia Wiss b. 1830 (possible twin) (v) Henry Walter Wiss Jacob Wiss b. 15 Sept 1736 The son o f Antoine Wiss and Jeanne Aime, married Louisa Marie Elizabeth Richard on 3rd May 1762. They had seven Children (1)Jeanne Wiss b. 23rd Aug 1762 (Jeanette) (2)Ann Judith Wiss b.. 1st Jan 1764 (Judith Bellamy)

I have found a death notice for Ann Wiss 1/3rd ¼ 1840 District St. Martin in the Fields. London, Middlesex. Vol 1 Page 104 (3)Louise Aimee Wiss b. 5th July 1766 (4)Pierre Louis Wiss b. 3rd Oct 1749 (5)Jeanne Francoise Wiss b. 24th Oct. 1770 (6)Matthieu Wiss b. Geneva 18th Sept 1772 d. Jan 1808 Cornwall UK (7)Renee Philipine Wiss b. 3rd Sept 1773 (Philipine) Matthew (Matthieu) Wiss was naturalised as a UK citizen 1797 and eventually owned a silk manufacturing business in London called. Ripley Wiss & Co. It is possible they were compelled to leave Switzerland. For further research read up on the "Huguenots". It is interesting to note that the families of Wiss and Fawcett were, initially, involved in the cloth industry, from silk to dyeing to spinning and weaving. The Industrial Revolution saw concentrations of factory/trade workers. Unusual information: It is possible that Alexia Sinclair was originally baptised Janet - here is the catch: her sister was also called Janet. Janet Alexia apparently took her second name for permanent use. Further on in this write-up we come across Jean Antoine who became John Anthony.

John Anthony Wiss and Janet Wiss - they are shown as living in London and her place of birth – Renfrew. This is confirmed in the 1861 Census. Mathew Wiss b. 18th Sept 1772 m. Alexia Sinclair b. 1st Nov 1767 on 22 Oct 1799 They had six children. 1.Louisa Philipine Wiss b. 23.7.1797 christ. 21.8.1797 at St.. Benet Fink, London. died 1866 age 70 yrs St Martin In the Fields, London Middlesex. Vol. 1a Page 262 2.Robert Wiss b.1799 baptised 19 Jan 1799 St Bitolph - Bishopsgate - London - died 3rd quarter 1860 - Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey England . Vol 2a Page 209 Census 1827: Silverdale Lodge 166 Tulse Hill London (A Property Leased from Dr. Thomas Edwards and his wife, Mercy, who developed the Tulse Hill area in the early 19th century). Robert is mentioned in British History Online. In 1851: 38 Charing Cross, Master Engineer employing 6 men married Anne Drummond 10.6.1822. St Mary's – Portsea It would appear that Robert married a second time to Esther(?) probably 1852/53. ( Anne Drummond's last child, Thirza Charlotte, was born 1832.) Esther and Robert had a son William b. 1853. Their son William married Annie(?) and had two children, Marrianne and Charlotte. Anne Died at Charing Cross in the 3rd Quarter 1840 St Martin in the Fields Vol 1 page 104 3.Matilda Harriet Wiss b. 1801 christ. 17 Oct 1801 at St Botolph Bishopgate Lond. 4.James Wiss christ. 26th Sept 1803 at St Botolph Bishopgate, London - married Marianne Focht on 19.10.1825. 5.Matthew Wiss b. 2nd Jul1805 christ. 27th Jul 1805 St Botolph Bishopgate, Lond. 6.John Anthony Wiss b. 1806 christ 24th Nov 1806 St John, Hackney, London . Curious note: In His Last Will and Testament, Matthew Wiss he mentions his dear children . Also his mother, Louisa,who was born in 1734 - and three of his sisters, Jeanette, Philipine and Harriette (Stirling). He also bequethed sums to his sister Judith Bellamy and sister Lisette Tiseau. Perhaps the word "sister" had a different connotation in that era. The Will is dated 26/12/1806 around the time his last child, John Anthony Wiss, was born. The names don't line up exactly.

I found a Philipine Wiss death Notice for the 1st ¼ of 1850 at Hackney, Middlesex, Greater London Vol 3 page 138 – this could be Renee Philipine b.1773 ****Robert Wiss b 1799 married 10.6.1822 at St Mary's - Portsea Ann Drummond c 1799 - 1840 Robert and Ann had seven children 1. Anne Wiss b. c 8.1.1824 m. John George Callcott b. c 1825 in 1853 Vol. 1a Page 521 2.. Robert James Wiss b. 29.1.1825 at Tulse Hill London. Baptised 20.4.182 at St Dunstan in the West d. second quarter 1886. Vol 1b Page 40 m. Hannah Maria White on 26.7.1853 at St. Martin on the Fields, Westminster, London. Hannah was born at Norwich, Norfolk UK. Census 1901: Hannah was at 40 Frederick Street, Grays Inn. Lare - St. Pancras. Census 1871: 28 Devonshire St Holborne. Census 1881: 26 Henrietta St. Bloomsbury Hannah's father was Jeremiah White, b. c 1800 Norfolk - England. Her Mother was Mary Wolsey, b c. 1800 Norfolk - England. 3. Henry Wiss b. c 11..6.1826 (may have been a twin and died. He was christened at Saint Luke, West Norwood- London …. see next Henry Richard) 4. Henry Richard Wiss b.11.6.1826 christened at St. Dunstan in the West. London.15.4.1828 m. Elizabeth Brimfield b. 11/4/1828 . Henry and Elizabeth had nine children: (a)Sarah Wiss b. 1847 Westminster, London. (b)Henry Wiss b. 1848 Westminster London. d2nd 1/4 1851 District of Lambeth , Greater London, London, Surrey Vol 4 page 194 (c)**Elizabeth Wiss b. 1851 – Lambeth - married George Tones (d)Harriett Thirza Wiss b. 1852 (e)Matilda Wiss b. 1857 - London (f)Henry Wiss b. 1859 - Battersea (g)William Wiss b. 1861 - Battersea (h)Emily Wiss b. 17 Sept 1863 –Battersea. m. Frank Thomas Little b 9.1.1862 at St Stepney - on 22 Oct. 1884 Their daughter: Emily Little b. 28.9.1884 at Battersea m. on 6.8.1905 Fred Jones Their children were: Ivy Jones Douglas Jones Fred Jones Emily Jones George Jones Their daughter : Emily Jones m. Charles Randles: Gerry Randles m. ? their daughter ???? m. ???? ????? Julie Grist (i)Alfred.Wiss b. 1866 - Battersea ** Elizabeth Wiss and George Tones had two children, (1) George Tones b ? (2) Mary Tones b. 1880 Mary Tones married Richard Peck b. 1878 They had nine children Frederick Peck b 1896 d. ? Ellen Mary Peck b. 1900 d. 1966 married George Henry Noon b. 23.7.1900 – Battersea d.. 1967. They had two children (a)Vera Noon b. 1927 married Edward Carpenter. Their daughter Lesley Carpenter b. 1951 married Nicholas Humphries b. 1954 Two children (i) Daniel b. 1979 (ii) Laura b. 1981 (b) Maurice Noon b. 1923. married Valerie Jones. Children. (i) Sally b. 1955 (ii) Delva b.1857 (iii) Ashley b. 1964 Emily Elizabeth Peck b. 1902 – Battersea - married Thomas Spice Alice Peck b. 1904 - Battersea Annie Peck b. 1906# - Battersea married Frederick Barker Richard Peck b. 8.11.1908 d. 1909 Rose Peck b. 1909 – Battersea married Arthur Govus b. 1907 Lily Peck b. 1912 - Battersea married Frederick Williams b. 1910 Charles Peck b. 26.3. 1914 - Battersea married Emily Bird b. 1916 Charles and Emily had two children. (1) Anthony Peck b. 1939 – Stroud – Kent. Married Gwendoline Holland. They had wo children. (a) Terri Janet Peck b. 1964 Park Royal, London (b) Ricky Peck b. 1964 Park Royal, London NFI. (2) Roy Peck b. 1942 #Annie Peck b. 1906 married Frederick Barker b. 1907 They had Ten children. 1.Frederick Barker b. 1927 2.Thomas Barker b. 1930 + 3.Charles Barker b. 1932 4.George Barker b. 1936 5.Alfred Barker b. 1937 6.Rita Barker b. 1941 7.Norma Barker b. 1943 8.Mary Barker b. 1947 9.Susan Barker b. 1949 10.Robert Barker b. 1951 + Thomas Barker b. 1930 married Janet Wooster b. 1937 Their son, Thomas Barker, b. 1934 has provided the above TONES, PECK, BARKER connection descended from Robert Wiss and Anne Drummond.

5. Thomas Lindsay Wiss b. c. 1828 d. 1870 aged 42 Vol. 1b page 373 m. Emily Charlotte Williams 6. Alfred Wiss b. 17 July 1829 - Flett St . Middlsex. Baptised 12 Oct 1829died Camberwell Jan/Feb/Mar quarter 1876 Vol. 1d Page 508 – Louisa Annie Philipine's father. 7. Thirza Charlotte Wiss b. christ. 6.6.1832 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster London. Alfred Wiss (6 above) On the Census of 1861 his age was 31, and his profession Commercial Clerk, Indigo Broker. Alfred Wiss wrote his name in the old the German style of writing e.g. Wifs. What looks like the "f" followed by an "s" was a form of "s" or sharp "s" which was a double "s" Wiss - The Henry Richard Wiss, brother of Alfred (who married Louisa Isabella Schofield), Is the GGGgrandfather of the lady who is writing to me. Alfred Wiss b. 17 July 1929 d. Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr. 1876 aged 46 yrs. Vol. 1d page 508 married 6.8.1855 - Louisa Isabella Schofield - Registration: 206 at Emanuel in Parish of Camberwell - County of Surrey. Vol 1d Page 593 Census: 3 Arthur St Old Kent Rd London in 1861 Census: 17 Hanover Square Lambeth. Census 1871: Hampstead Rd Somers Town. On the marriage Certificate of his son Alfred, Robert Wiss was entered as: Robert Wiss – Engineer. (The writing deciphered by a genealogist here in Hervey Bay). Notes: Louisa Isabella Wiss nee Schofield - b. c 1829 Finchley, City Road. Middlesex. Records show ca 1831. d. 9.11.1904 Vol b page 277 at Hackney, Middlesex in Greater London - age 73yrs. Her son, Alfred Edmond Augustus Wiss, reported her death She was Christened on 6.9.1829 - St. Botolph Without Aldgate, Middlesex - London. Her father : John Schofield b. ca 1781…Profession – Draper. Her mother: Elizabeth Schofield. b. ca. 1780 The 1841 census shows Louisa aged 12 with her mother Elizabeth aged 40 and a Nurse. By 1881 she is aged 51 and a Widow. On the 1851 Census… John Schofield was aged 70 yrs - Middlesex Elizabeth Schofield – aged 71 - Middlesex There was a son, John Schofield aged 42 – Middlesex In 1851 Louisa Isabella is aged 20 and a Dressmaker with her sister Susanna Cawling aged 38 and a Widow in St Pancras 1861 Census Louisa Isabella is on the 1861 Census R.G.9/357 page 10 - Lambeth Parish -Ecclesiastical District Saint Marks. The writing is difficult to read but in the household at that time was – Louisa Annie Philipine (daughter) age 5 years born Surrey - Peckham Alfred Edmond Augustus (Son) Illigible, but it could be "one" born Surrey – Camberwell. In the house at the same time as the census was a visitor George A. Mott and a servant, Margaret Woods In The 1881 Census. Louisa Isabella is a Widow. Note: Source 0380133 on film. Latter Day Saints Church, Grevillea St. Hervey bay. The English 1891 Census Showed that Louisa Isabella was 60 years old and a Widow. Living at Queens Road, Hornsey, Middlesex.

Her Profession was given as Sick Nurse.( see below, Entry for Cora Louisa Carmela) 1901 Census – Cora Louisa and her Grandmother were still in London at Stoke Newington. Alfred & Louisa had three children 1.**Louisa Annie Phillipine b. 11.10.1855 At the time of her birth – her father's professions was "Clerk to an Indigo Merchant". She was born two months into the marriage. They lived at 3 Arthur Street – Old Kent Road . She died at sea 1879 in transit from England to Alexandria, Egypt. – reported in 1880 Birth certificate Reg. No. 496, Peckham, Camberwell, County of Surrey. Death:Possibly in Late April 1879 when Cora was about 16 months old.2.Alfred E.A.(Edmond Augustus) b. 1st Quarter 1866 Camberwell Vol 1d Page 489 - In 1904, he was at 7 Portland Gardens Haringey. On Census 1881 he was listed as 16 years of age and a Brassfounder's Clerk. 3.Marion. - She was 3 months old in 1871 Census according to an English source. Marion Schofield Wiss was born at St Pancras March 1871 (Vol. 1b – 88) Marion Schofield Wiss died at Camberwell, September 1873 (Vol. 1d 411) There is a photo of Louisa Isabella Wiss, with Cora standing at the back. On the left, as you look at the photo is a lady that we, as children, were told was a Miss Kay. Eliza Kay married Alfred Edmund (Augustus) Wiss at Hackey in 1887

  – he would have been 27 years old. Reference in both entries (Under K for Miss Kay and under W for Alfred EA Wiss) folio 1b Page 742 I have been unable to trace a family as yet. Subsequent Census documents indicate they had no children. According to Julie in the UK.Alfred Edmond Augustus Wiss may have married Mary A. Ives in June 1898. (Vol. 1d 1032) and there was a daughter, Emily. if so, he would have been 38 years old. Did Alfred marry twice? This appears to be two years after his marriage to Eliza Kay. I think not…this is a conflict of Information. Louisa Annie Phillipine Wiss (two lls) married 11.10.1876 ( Vol. 1d 1124) Frederick Robert Diacono b. 1854 d. 22nd October, 1898 (Kontea, Cyprus) Coal Merchant. Both ages were given as 21 years: The date of marriage was Louisa Annie 21st birthday. Married at Emmanuel, Camberwell. 1876 is also the year her father Alfred died. Fredericks father: Joseph Laurence Diacono – Coal Merchant.(As near as I can tell, he was not in England at the time) Witnesses: Louisa Isabella Wiss ( mother) and Alfred Edmond Augustus Wiss (brother)

There are no other archives entries at The National archives. Frederick Robert Diacono, together with his father, Guiseppe Lorenzo Diacono (aka Joseph Laurence Diacono), faced Her Britannic Majesty's Court in Alexandria, Egypt on 28th May 1893 on charges of Larceny. Recent documents received indicate that the court documents were Committal Proceedings only and the trial was set for 17th May 1893. Research and searching has not turned up the actual trial. It is possible that it did not take place. Frederick's sister, Corinne, put up bail (surety) for £400 on 10th May 1893 as a guarantee that her father and brother would appear at the Consular cells on 17th May 1893. There seems to be no documentation in The National Archives of the Trial having taken place. I believe that Frederick used the surety as a "get out of jail" pass. He went to Cyprus to live on his wife's (Lapierre) Family Estate in Kontea, where he died on 22 nd October 1898 at the age of 44 years from pneumonia or an allied medical problem. He is buried in Kontea. Both he and his father died free men. His father, Guiseppe Lorenzo Diacono, died at Bacos Station, Ramleh, Alexandria Egypt on 28th September 1900 Folio 10 page 498, Certificate 320 Foreign Office Records UK. His mother, Carmela (born Carmina) Anna Rosa Diacono (nee Manche) also died at Bacos Station, Ramleh – Alexandria, Egypt, 9 months after her husband, on 21st June 1901. Folio 11 Page 582 Certificate No. 425 Foreign Office Records UK Frederick,( like his surviving Siblings and those who died early and at birth), was born in Alexandria in 1854. Where his father was born in Alexandria of Italian blood...

Frederick's Movements after his marriage in 1876 Refer to Diacono Story Board for more comprehensive details. Frederick was in England in 1876 (marriage) Frederick was in England 1.1.1878 – Cora's Birth. Frederick was in Alexandria in 1879 (Photo) Frederick was in Larnaca Cyprus in 1879 (Note of back of photo) Louisa Annie died at sea 1879. Frederick re-marries in Cyprus in1880 to Virgine Lappiere – three children, Edmee. b. 11.3.1882 d. Cyprus d. ca 1956. Louis b. Tanta Egypt 1884 d. 1965 and Joseph b. 1887 d. 1905 Frederick/Cora were in Malta 23.2.1882 (Cora's photo to Grandmother taken in Malta) Frederick was in Cyprus with Cora after 1882 Around ca 1885 – Cora was sent to England to live with her maternal grandmother Wiss. Frederick was in Suakin in 1885. (address notation) Cora was in England at the time of 1891 Census aged 13 yrs. Frederick was in Alexandria in 1893 for the Court Case. A document was read in Alexandria " in the presence and hearing of the said accused". Frederick dies in Cyprus 1898 Cora was in England at the time of the 1901 Census. Cora marries 1905. Frederick's father, Guiseppe Lorenzo Diacono, died at Bacos Station, Ramleh, Alexandria Egypt on 28th September 1900 Folio 10 page 498, Certificate 320 Foreign Office Records UK. His mother, Carmela (born Carmina) Anna Rosa Diacono (nee Manche) also died at Bacos Station, Ramleh – Alexandria, Egypt, 9 months after her husband, on 21st June 1901. Folio 11 Page 582 Certificate No. 425 Foreign Office Records UK

BDM Marriage Index 1837-1983 Record. District: Camberwell County: London, Surrey vol 1d. Quarter Oct-Nov-Dec / Page 1124. Frederick Diacono and Louisa Annie Philipine Wiss had one Daughter 1. Cora Louisa Carmela b. 1.1.1878 (UK) d. 1.12.1937 ( Australia age 57 yrs.) Registration No. 432, District of Camberwell, County of Surrey Address then: 8 Camden Row, Camberwell. Cora, the daughter of Louisa Annie Philipine Wiss was Grandmother of Walda, Geoff and Gordon and those cousins descended from Cora's Marriage to WRD Fawcett. The 1891 Census shows that Cora Louisa Carmela was 13 years old and was living with her Grandmother Louisa Isabella Wiss at 25 Queens Road, Hornsey, Middlesex. In 1901 she was still living with her Grandmother . Schedule No. 308 Reg No. 12/1065. She was living at 97 Winston Rd. Hackney at the time of her Grandmother's death, (1904) and her marriage (1905). For further Diacono Information, please read Diacono Family Story Board. Cora Louisa Carmela married 10.9.1905 Walter Robert Deller Fawcett. Walter Robert Deller Fawcett – b. 7.5.1880 (UK) d. 7.11.1952 (Australia) Note:The name Deller has been often written as Dellar. Research shows it is Deller. #Walter Robert Deller Fawcett (6 of above - 8 Worship Street, Shoreditch) Born 7.5.1880 London UK. d. 6.11.1952 – Hurstville – NSW - Australia Married 10.9.1905 – All Saints Church, Parish of All Saints Stoke Newington. County London. Parish Reg No. 469 Cora Louisa Carmela Diacono ( 97 Winston Street ) b. 1.1.1878 Camberwell, Surrey - UK d. 1.12.1937 – Coff's Harbour - NSW - Australia Fathers' Names: Henry William Fawcett ( Master carman) and Frederick Robert Diacono (Egyptian Trader) Witnesses: Arthur George Fawcett ( a brother - see above) and Tom Houlding Note: On the Wedding Certificate - Walter Robert Deller Fawcett, used the spelling Dellar – which confused research.

Cora Louisa Carmela, added two "ll"s to make Carmella. Generating different spelling again. NB: These certificates, when originally obtained – were handwritten copies of originals. They were open to error by the clerk who would transcribe/interpreted them. With modern Technology, the Internet and Photocopying, the original certificates can be obtained. Also, because a name was entered as a Parent, that did not mean that Parent was actually in attendance. #Walter Robert Deller Fawcett married much later again, in Australia, to Mabel Bongers. A matter of age - with no issue. Walter Robert Deller Fawcett and Cora Louisa Carmela Fawcett (nee Diacono) had six Children: They arrived in Australia with sons Harold Granville and Walter Robert Jnr on the ship "Wilcannia" 6th November 1908. Four were born in Australia. 1st Harold Granville (Tim) b. 12.5.1906 London England. d. 1975 Australia Married : Amy May Wear. B 1.12.1908, Kororo NSW Reg. No. 8916 – 1930 – District. Coffs Harbour. NSW (Both Deceased:Amy 22.10.1972) Children: 1.Stanley Earl b. 15.2.1930 d.24.11.2011 2.Aileen Mary b. 1931 known as Molly 3. John Harold b.2.4.1934 married 29.6.1963 Adelaide S.A. Ann Irene Press b. 24.11.1942 Henley beach S.A.– Child: Karyn Ann Fawcett – b. 1968 Newcastle NSW

2nd Walter Robert Jr. b. 30.7.1907 London, England d 13.8.1968 Page Chest Pavillion – Camperdown NSW. . Sydney – Australia. buried Rookwood Cemetery Sydney. Lot#722 C of E Section Married: 23.7.1934 - Presbyterian Church - Grafton – NSW Martha Elizabeth Mackay b. 10.6.1912. Kempsey NSW d. 2.5.1992 Cleveland, Queensland. Buried with Walter Robert Fawcett Jnr – as above. Marriage Reg. No. 14278 1934 – Grafton NSW It is interesting to note that Fred Matthews was one of the Witnesses - (see 4th child Phyllis May – below) Children: 1.Gordon Alexander b. 1935 Grafton NSW m. 1969 Dorothea Eva Becker b. 1932, Munster, Wesphalia, German Two Children: (a)Mary Louise b. d. 7.6.1972 (b)Nicoletta Elizabeth b. 1975 2.Geoffrey Richard b. 1938 Coffs Harbour NSW m. (1) Sandra Willmott aka Matthews b.1945 on 19.7.1962 at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Rabaul, TPNG Children: (a)Walter Richard (Wally) b. 1963 Namanula Hosptial Rabaul, New Guinea Married: i.Wade Fawcett ii.Ashley Rose Fawcett (b)Estelle Elizabeth b. 1965 Coffs Harbour NSW Married Andrew Ivory. i.Robert Ivory b.1992 ii.Stephen Ivory b.1995 iii.Cassandra Ivory b. 1992 Geoffrey - Divorced Sydney Supreme court 1970 m. (2) Elizabeth Ann Henry b.1954. Coffs Harbour Court House NSW (c) Malcolm Rodney b.1973 (d)Vanessa Maree b.1974 m. John Perkins i.Alexander James Perkins b. 1973 ii.Nathanual Liam Perkins b. 1977 iii.Cody Mathew Perkins b. 2003 iv.Emily Elizabeth Perkins b. 2005 (e) Anthony John b. 1975 (f) Sharon Anne b. 1976 m. Ben Thompson 8.4.2006 i Rachel Maree Pauline 2007 ii Jessica Anne 2008 3.Walda Lillian b. 1940 St. Leonards. Sydney NSW m. 1961 Erich Scholler b. 1938 in Pottendorf – Austria. Arrived in Australia on the Aurelia in 1956.

Two Children: (a)Adam Eric b. 1972 m. Kerryn Louise Daley (see McKay Mackay Storyboard) b.1974 m.1998 at Rockhampton Qld. Children: i.Deklan Matthew 2001 Qld. ii.Alexis Louise b. 2003 - Rockhampton Qld (b)Belinda Maxine b. 1972 m. Andrew Watson b.1970 Brisbane Qld. Children: i. Isabelle Lily b. 2006 3rd Eva Louise Sarah b. 00.1.1912 d. 23.1.2007 – Alstonville NSW Married: Thomas S. Wear Reg No. 11315 – 1931 Coffs Harbour NSW (Thomas Wear Deceased 25.4.1975) Children: 1.Thomas (Tommy) 2.Stanley d. Sept 1999 – anurism. 4th Phyllis May b. 24.5.1914 died in 2008 – Alstonville NSW Married: Fred Mathews Reg No. 5398 – 1936 – Lismore NSW (F. Mathews – unknown, probably deceased) Married: Jack Pickford . Grafton 10.3.1949. Divorced in 1956 after discovering his real name was Donald J. Soldi. Married: George Marks……. d. 24.9.1994 Richmond NSW Children: 1.Ian son of Fred called Ian Mathews. b. Feb 1938. (In 1999, Ian had a son, William Matthews aged 14 years) 5th Leslie William b. 11.8.1917 Dorrigo NSW d. 11. 11. 1996 N.S.W. Married: Margaret Katherine Todd. Reg. No. 18874 – 1942 - Sydney NSW (Both deceased) Children 1.Allan 2.Noel 6th Lily b. 26.5.1920 Dorrigo NSW- d.6.11.2011 – Moonee Beach NSW Married: Albert Edward (Don) Richardson Reg No. 12104 - 1941 – Taree NSW (AE Richardsonb, ca,1895 Australia d. 4 Apl 1962 Coffs Harbour NSW – Also known as Don Angus -) Children: 1.Leslie married Kay Sullings b. ca 1941 Two Children Guy b. 1970 LeeArne b. 1972.William married. Janette Fyrie – Two Children. Wesley b 1977 Erin b. 1979. Sydney NSW WISS FAMILY TREE BASED ON KAY AND JOHN WISS' FAMILY TREE INFORMATION (UK) 15th July 2006 - Updated 30th October 2006 The original three brothers associated with our family. 1. James ( Jaques ) Wiss m. Ann Judith Godfroy, they had two children Annie and James Anthony 1 child. Jaques Antoine b. 10 Jul 1867 2. Jacob Wiss m. 3 May 1762 Louisa Marie Elizabeth Richard their son Matthew m. Alexia Sinclair 22.10.1799 their six children: (i) Louise Philipine Wiss christened 21.8.1797 (no further trace) (ii). Robert Wiss christened 19.1.1799 m. Ann Drummond 10.6.1822 (iii)Matilda Harriet Wiss christened 17.10.1801 (no further trace) (iv) James Wiss christened 26.9.1803 m. Marrianne Focht. They two children William and Emily - I have found a death for a William Wiss 2nd ¼ vol 1a page 236. St Martin in The Fields 1854. (v) Matthew Wiss christened 19.8.1805 (no further trace) (vi). John Anthony Wiss christened 24.11.1806 (no further trace) 3.Peter (Pierre) Isaac Wiss m. 26 Aug 1759 Louise Grosjean. Their children : (a)Aimee Georgettte b. 30 Aug 1862 (b)*Jean Antoinne b. 1764 30 Oct 1764 Geneva d. 1855, London UK (c)Aimee Iraline b. 30 Aug 1766 (d)Susan Cernette b. 28 May 1770 Anglicised names were often used. *Jean Antoinne became John Anthony Wiss Pierre Isaac became Peter Isaac and Jacob retained his name. Their son*Anthony John Wiss m. Janet Sinclair 22.10.1799 They had two children. (1)Philip m. Helen – they had a son Jacob b. 19 April 1818 (no further trace.)

Philip married secondly, Dorothy Margaret Clarke (a) Algernon Philip Wiss b 26th May 1826 chris, 26.6.1826 d. 2nd ¼ 1873 Vol 5b page 77 Saint Mary. St Marylebone, London (b) Pauline Augusta Wiss b 1829 (no further trace) (c) Horatio Congruira Wiss b. 1830(no further trace) (d) Horatio Congruia Wiss b. 1830 (Possible twin) m. Mary? (e) Henry Walter b.13th Nov.1835 christ. 31st Dec 1835 at Saint Mary, St Marylebone - London. (2) Mary Louisa Wiss b. 1797 (died). Above (ii) Robert Wiss b. 19.1.1799 m. Ann Drummond on 10.6.1822 – ( seven children which follow below. 1. Anne Wiss b. c. 8.2.1824 m. John George Callcott in 1853 ( no further trace) 2. Robert James Wiss b. c. 20.4.1825 m. Hannah Maria White on 26.7.1853 (they had five children) (i) Robert James Edward Wiss b. 3rd quarter 1854 St. Saviours – Southwark Vol 1d Page 4 m. Caroline Crisp. 4th Quarter 1872 St Giles. Vol 1b. Page 831 (they had three children) (a) Alice Wiss m. Coombes (b) Najeline? Wiss (c) Ada f ? Wiss (ii) Helen Mary Wiss b. 1st Quarter 1862 - Islington. Vol 1b Page 2 m. Edward Plummer 4th Quarter 1882 St Giles Vol 1b Page 973 (a)Lillian Plummer m. ? Godfrey (b)Ethel Plummer (c)Nellie Plummer m. ? Mead - they had a son Philip. (iii) Kate Wiss b. 1865 m. Henry Short - 3rd quarter 1886 St Pancras Vol 1b Page 158 (they had two children ) (a)Kate Short (b)Robert Short m. ? Osbourne – they had a son Dennis (iv) Florence Emily Wiss b. in 2nd Quarter 1870 - Holborn Vol 1b page 581 (no further trace) (v) Charles Wiss b. 1872 baptism c. 24.ll.1878 4th Quarter Vol 1b Page 531 St Giles. Holborn, London - Charles was a Solicitor's clerk. m. Elizabeth Caroline Clifton on 1.5.1893 Vol 1b Page 334 They had four children (a) Eva Wiss (no further trace) (b) Charles Wiss m. Patricia Bateman –children, Heather, Elizabeth and Marigold. (No further trace) (c) Bertram Leslie Wiss b. 25.10.1901 vol 1b page 669 Holborn District, County London, Middlesex…. d. 16.3.1942 (India) m. Helena Margaret Cleary on 6.12.1928.

They had four children. ~ 1. Bertram John Charles Wiss b. 23.10.1929 d. Oct 1981 m. Edna Gibson they had a son, John Simon Wiss b. 1968 m. Kay Louise Jones. They had two children – twins Charles Alexander Wiss b. 2003 Elliott Brindley Wiss b. 2003 ~ 2. Patricia Margaret Wiss b. 28.8.1931 d. Sept. 2002 m. William Ault(?) They had three children. Linda Ault – ( who had 2 children) Richard Ault– (who had two children) Susan Ault – (who had 2 children, Michael and Sophie? ~ 3. Sheila Roberta Wiss b. 3.7.1934 d. ?.7.1955 ??? ~ 4. Teresa Ann Wiss b.4.8.1942 m. Lesley Cowan. They had two children Jason Cowan ( who had two children) Jaqueline Cowan (d) Elsie m. Edwin Burton - 1 child, Christine (no further trace). 3. Henry 1826 (no further trace - this Henry may have died). 4. Henry Richard Wiss c. 11.6.1826.1828 (dual - 1st Henry may have died). married. Elizabeth Brimfield. 5. Thomas Lindsay c 15.4.1828 d. m. Emily Charlotte Williams. (three children) (i) Lillie b. ? (ii) Annie b. 1856 m. ?Speed - children: Evelyn 1879, Infant ? 1881 Note: 2 died. (iii) Juliet b. 1859 6. *Alfred c. 11829 - Flett St . Middlsex. d. Jan/Feb/Mar quarter 1876 vol. 1d Page 508 m. Louisa Isabella Schofield b. 1830 m. 6.8.1855 - Registration: 206 at Emanuel in Parish of Camberwell - County of Surrey. (Died 1904 vol. 1b Page 277) 7. Thriza Charlotte b. 6.6.1832 (no further trace)

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