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William Fawcett 1816Frederick Robert DiaconoMartha Elizabeth Fawcett [Mackay]
Cora Louisa DiaconoWalter Robert Fawcett Jnr London 1907British Australia timber locomotive
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Geoff's 70th birthday and family reunion dinner at the "City Golf Club" Toowoomba, Queensland 2008
Cassandra Ivory,, Estelle[Fawcett] & Andrew's daughter, snapped by her grandfather
Walter Richard Fawcett Wally Fawcett II photographed at 9 months, photographed by his dad in Rabaul, New Guinea 1963
Geoffrey Fawcett: Bunya Mountains Queensland, age 69
Vanessa Perkins [Fawcett] with baby Emily Christmas at Kingsthorpe 2007
    Countries Studied include~
  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Malta
  • Egypt
  • Cyprus
  • Australia
  • USA & Canada
  • Scotland
  • Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • Switzerland
The church where for centuries Thatcham Fassett/Fawcetts were christened, married and buried.

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